Top 5 Things To Do in Woodstock, Ga!

Everybody, Tom Townsend with Townsend Realty Group and Keller Williams. This video is for everybody that wants to know what to do in Woodstock, Georgia, right here in Cherokee County. I’m going to give you the top 5 things to do in Woodstock, GA in Cherokee County, some of our favorite places that we actually visit. If you’re not familiar with what’s going on in Cherokee County, in Woodstock, Georgia, then this is going to be a great video for you. So, once again, our five favorite places are Downtown Woodstock, love Rope Mill Park, the Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta, Berry Patch Farms is really neat, and then Reformation Brewery.

So let me start with Downtown Woodstock, one of our favorite places to go, especially on the weekends. It is a really neat downtown area, full of shops and restaurants, nightlife. On a weekend, it’s super busy on the weekends. If you do end up going to downtown Woodstock, be prepared to be a little patient with parking. It has gotten so popular that people are flocking there, and one of the challenges that we have is actually parking, so just put your patience hat on, but if you haven’t been downtown Woodstock, neat place to go. Anything you want to eat is down there, all kinds of shopping, entertainment, live music. There’s a big amphitheater there that we have concerts at, free concerts during the summer. Now, with the pandemic going on it’s been put on hold. However, when we get back to being able to do those things, it’s a great place to go. So anyways, Downtown Woodstock is a really neat place.

If you’re looking for outdoor activity, Rope Mill Park is a wonderful place to go. We like to go there with our dog. They’ve got trails. There’s a river that goes through there, an old rope mill. They used to make rope at this mill that used to be down there, and some of that structure is still buried there along the riverside, and it’s just neat to go along around there and see exactly what that looked like, but Rope Mill Park is a really nice place if you like to outdoors. If you’re looking to just take a stroll and walk outside for a while. Once again, we love taking our puppy dog there and get him a little bit of exercise.

If you love shopping, we have an outdoor outlet mall called The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta. It’s actually one of those outdoor malls where you’re outside and walking through the mall itself. One of the unique things about the outlet mall is they’ve got some really nice restaurants. Once again, there’s live entertainment there, and just a really neat mall to go and visit and hang out. You could actually go there and do some, a little bit of shopping, and also just go there and have a meal. So we like to go there every once in a while, especially when I’m in need of some new clothes.

The other one is Berry Patch Farms. They have a blueberry picking session, pumpkins, and Christmas trees, so they hit, if you’re needing a Christmas tree, go out there in the winter, obviously, grab your Christmas tree. Fall is a big one for pumpkins, and then during the summer, a lot of people like to go out there and pick blueberries. It’s also just a nice place to take the young ones, to be able to check that out, as well.

Then the last thing that we had on our list, number five is Reformation Brewery. Happens to be downtown Woodstock, just a nice little venue. It’s our local microbrewery that we have right here in Woodstock, Georgia, and Cherokee County, and they have a facility there. They’ve got a big outdoor area that you can go, and grab a beer, and sit down, and hang out with a few folks and enjoy joy downtown Woodstock, and enjoy the beer, and be able to socialize a little bit.

So anyways, those are our five spots that you don’t want to miss in Woodstock, Georgia. If you thought this was helpful, give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. There’s a lot of great information on there that we’d love to share, thanks.


Top 5 Things To Do In Woodstock, Ga!
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