Should I Rent or Buy Right Now?

Hey, today, if you’re in the rental market and looking for rentals and getting a little frustrated and wondering ” Should I rent or buy right now?”, stay tuned because I’m going to have an open conversation with Jane Townsend, my daughter, about that. So, the other night I was hanging out with my daughter, … Continued

5 Tips to Nail Your Photos When Selling Your House in Cherokee County

In today’s competitive market, selling your house inevitably means some savvy and aggressive marketing. And no small part to that is plenty of top-notch listing photos. First impressions are immensely important, and those listing photos create the first impression that you don’t get a second shot at. But getting the photos you need involves a … Continued

Waiting To Sell My Home | Georgia Housing Market 2021

If you are a seller and are holding back because of a variety of different reasons you don’t want to put the house on the market right now because you’re afraid of what the market’s going to do. You’re afraid of being homeless and not being able to find a house after you sell yours. … Continued