What “Updating Your Home” Really Means!

What “Updating Your Home” Really Means! | We wanted to show you what your home should look like before going on the market. Fresh paint, new carpets, renovated kitchen, etc. The owners did a great job updating their home before it went on the market. | Townsend Realty Group

Our Relocation Checklist for People Moving to Cherokee County

Moving is perhaps the most dreaded job anyone can think of. It’s overwhelming and a ton of work, and the simple fact of huge changes is utterly unwelcome. But as with any big task, moving can be made much less overwhelming and more manageable if tackled in an orderly, step-by-step fashion with a definite timeline. … Continued

DIRTY Exterior House Cleaning in Cherokee County

Hey, everybody. I just wanted to let everybody know we recently had our house washed by ClearView Services. Now ClearView is a vendor that we’ve been supporting for quite some time in our office. I’ve never personally used them. We’ve referred them out to a couple of clients and my clients are just raving about … Continued

5 Estate Planning Tips for Homeowners in Cherokee County

It’s a common misconception that only wealthy people need to worry about estate planning. Really, though, it should be a concern for most people, especially for homeowners. With no estate plan in place, there’s no way for your estate to pass on to your heirs/beneficiaries without the delay caused by the long and complex process … Continued

Not All Realtors Are The Same…

Hey everyone, if you think all realtors are the same stay tuned, you’re going to want to tune in because they’re not. Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between agents, real estate agents maybe you think they’re all the same? Well, not all realtors are the same… they all kind of do the same … Continued

Negotiation Strategies for Homebuyers in Cherokee County

Negotiation strategies for homebuyers have always been a vital element of the home purchasing process. But today – with prices still increasing (though at a slower pace) and with inventory still lagging behind demand –negotiation strategies are even more important for buyers to get the best deal possible. Having a good local real estate agent … Continued