6 Repairs to Make NOW to Sell Your GA Home This Spring

No longer can you just throw your house up on the market and hope for the best. That used to work, but not so much anymore. Now the watchword is “fixing to sell,” which means that you’ll likely have to perform certain repairs and updates to meet buyers’ expectations. And this applies especially during spring when inventory … Continued

What To Expect In The Real Estate Market In 2021

Hey everybody, if you’re wondering what to expect in the real estate market in 2021, stay tuned, I’m going to give you insight. All right, here’s what’s going on in 2021. Let’s kind of look back and see what was going on in 2020 first. Outside of everything else that we were dealing with in … Continued

5 Tricks Agents Use To Sell Houses Fast in Cherokee County

Skill, experience, knowledge, timing, and a not-so-small helping of luck – all these are the ingredients that go into the recipe that makes selling a house fast possible. Oh, and one other thing: some clever strategies that can significantly reduce the element of luck. And good agents know how to successfully deploy these strategies that … Continued