What’s The Best Tasting Bottled Water? – Blind Taste Test

What's The Best Tasting Bottled Water? - Blind Taste Test

Hey everybody. If you are a water snob, like we are, you’re going to want to definitely tune into this to find out what the best water is. So our family drinks a lot of water, and recently we watched this documentary about how tap water or filtered water really isn’t that great for you because it strips out all the minerals and stuff. So, that triggered us to having really healthy water, right? Yeah. So we kind of turned into this little snobby water family, if you will. So, we’re trying to figure out what the best-flavored water is. So we have four samples. Well it’s not flavored. It’s not flavored, but different types. Best tasting. Best tasting. Yeah. Hits the palette the softest. Soothing, the most soothing water that we could find for our family.

So anyway, we’re doing a little test. We have regular old tap water here. We have Evian, this is from the Alps I believe in Switzerland or maybe Austria. I don’t know. I have no idea. Somewhere in Europe. And then we have Fiji from the Island of Fiji. I love Fiji. So I’m really interested to find out how Fiji works. And then we have Eternal. And this is right here from the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. So we are all over the world here with our water. Once again, these three have all the natural minerals and all the good stuff that is good for your body, which is usually missing when you drink tap water or filtered water. And I found out that when you drink filtered water like that, and it has the lack of minerals, when you drink it, the water itself actually steals the minerals that it needs from other parts of your body. Really interesting, anyways. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a blind test. Beth is going to pour these in, Jane and I are not going to look, and then we’re just going to taste ’em and pick out our favorite one, so hang in there.

Alright, so here we are. We’ve got our four samples and our blind test here. We got ’em labeled A, B, C, D. We’re just going to go through one by one. I’m going to start with this one here real quick. This is- Oh, do you want me to start with D? You can if you want to. Okay, I’ll start with D. Okay. All right, I’m going to go move to B. C. Oh, it’s cleaner. That one’s cleaner than that one. I cannot tell the difference. All right, I’m going to move to C. Try get on the other side of the glass from you. Mm-hmm. Oh yeah. C is crisp and clean. That one was cleaner than that one. I didn’t like that one. All right, let me try D. Which one do you like Jane? B . That one’s a little, hmm. That one’s got a little tanginess to it. I know, I don’t like that. And I think that’s Fiji.

So you guys tell me which one you think is the best. Yeah, that’s what we going to do. And then I’m writing that down and then I’ll let you know what’s… I like B. You like B? Okay, you say B is number one Jane? Let me try that one. Yeah. That’s your number one, okay. I’m between B and C. Yeah, this is very… I like C. Okay, that’s your number one Tom? Here’s mine. Okay, Tom says- C.B.D, A. Yeah. Jane, what is yours. You said B is one I don’t like D. I like B, C, A, D.

Okay. Do you want to know what they are?

Yeah. I’m sure my favorite’s tap. A is Eternal. Uh. Oh, okay. Interesting. B is tap water. And you both were like wow, that tastes really good, clean. C is Evian, D is Fiji, which is the one you’ve loved and you’ve said that’s all you want to drink. It’s tangy. Tom said that was a three. Jane, you gave it a four. I’ll be danged. Totally surprised. Yeah. So what did that prove, nothing? I thought for sure Fiji was going to be my number one. Evian? You guys like tap water and Evian the best. What was mine, was B, what was my number one, C. Evian and then tap water. Wow.

[Beth] And then you said Fiji third, and then Eternal fourth. Now putting out, A was Eternal, B was tap water. Yeah. Yeah. That’s weird.

Well, there you go. Alrighty. We proved nothing. What did you prove? Proved that tap water is just as good for you and good tasting as any of the spring waters. Actually, Evian got the highest score of bottled waters. Yeah, Evian got the highest score. Yeah, so Evian. Evian, great. I like that one. Yeah, interesting. And I, no joke, I’ve been, I love Fiji and it ended up being what, my number three? Three. Wow. For me four. It’s like tingly, tangy. Yeah, interesting. Originally when I drink the Fiji water, I always think it’s the cleanest. So interesting, okay. A cool little experiment.

Okay. Anyways, hopefully, this was helpful. Hope you enjoyed it. Give us a thumbs up if you liked it. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. We got great information, we do fun stuff like this all the time. Thanks.


What's The Best Tasting Bottled Water? - Blind Taste Test
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