What’s New in Woodstock, Ga? | Georgia Housing Market | Townsend Realty Group

What's New in Woodstock, Ga? | Georgia Housing Market | Townsend Realty Group

Hey everybody, it’s Tom. I am Downtown Woodstock, Ga at Public Woodstock. It just opened up. So I’m super excited about this, been waitin’ for about over a year for this place to open up. So let’s go ahead and go on in, let’s check it out. Hey everybody, I am in downtown Woodstock. We are at Public.

They’ve been open for two days and if you haven’t been up to date with what’s goin’ on in Woodstock, Georgia obviously this place has been, we’ve been waiting for this to open here for quite some time. Jane and I walked in and I stumbled across an old friend of mine, Mr. Landon.


The last time I talked to him he was working down in Buckhead in the restaurant industry. And I found out that it’s the same owner, right?

Yup, that’s right.

Yeah. So I stumbled in, ran into Landon and it was just a great surprise to actually see him. We’re super excited about Public Woodstock gettin’ open. So tell me a little bit about what’s been going on and tell me about what you got goin’ on here.

Yeah, it’s been a long road to get to the point where we’re finally open. So it was a great turnout yesterday for the grand opening. The main level is really your everyday grocery shop. Where somebody wants to come in and grab what they need for dinner or for the week, an order from the counter for to-go orders. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be rolling out the next couple of days once we get our feet under us. Draft beer, cocktails. We’ll do everything out of the kitchen, so a lot of in-house-made items. Cold dips and salads, smoked wings, brisket, chicken. We’ve got a big beer and wine selection. All of your baked goods are in house, as well as the pastries. Some High Road Craft Ice Cream that’s a local crew that put that together. And then all your items you don’t need but want like the gum, the candy, the chocolates and things like that. So that’ll be the main level here. We’re going to focus on that for the next four weeks or so. Then we’ll open up the space that we’re currently standing on.

So we’re on the second floor, we’re on the top floor.

We’re on the second floor, yup. So this is our front dining room. This is going to be effectively called Lucky Cat. So a little bit different branding. The menu will look a little different, fun cocktails, more elevated street food style, globally inspired menu, but easy to share. Great space to rent out for an event. Holidays are coming up, so company parties, family gatherings. In the next space behind us, we’ve got the full bar, we’ve got a satellite kitchen. So take all of your, you know, the food needs late into the evening. 1, 2, 3 o’clock in the morning, maybe. So I know people have been excited about somewhere to go after they’ve been enjoying a cocktail or two Downtown. So, we’ll take all your money up here.

Oh, that’s awesome.

And then we’ve got a backspace for kind of a lounge or private event room if you want a little bit of privacy, you want to do something a little different, celebrate with friends and family. So a lot of space, a lot of fun to be added.

Cool, so, you’re talking all these windows opened up?


Looking out at main street?


Totally love this! I’m so excited for this space to open up. That’ll be a lot of fun.

A lot of fresh air coming in, we’ve got a beautiful skylight here, so a lot of natural light coming in. You’ll be able to hear a little live music here in the corner as well. So just want it to be a fun space where people get together, or just maybe a lighter date night. Upstairs will be for adults only, so get to do a little bit more kind of rock roll and fun.

So right now Monday and Tuesday are the only days we’re not in the building, but I would love to have you come in Wednesday through Sunday. Social media, Google will have all the hours and dates and things like that.


Just so you can keep track with us. PublicWoodstock is our Instagram.


And you can find us on Facebook. easy enough to keep track of what’s coming up on hot table for food, events and things like that.

All right so beyond that, what else we got planned? What else is planned for the facility? So we’re talking about what the basement looks like. We welcome all the feedback about what the City of Woodstock thinks that we need to do with it. So we’re kind of in a unique spot where we’re able to sort of gauge the feedback and whether it’s a speakeasy, bourbon bar, or maybe it’s a little bit more of a fun, kind of a beer garden style with long games, things like that. So we’re open to some thoughts and some feedback.

Awesome and so tell me a little bit about the entrepreneur who started it, he was a chef, wasn’t he?

Yeah. Yes, it was Justin Balmes. He spent years with Whole Foods. More recently, he was leading the team in the kitchen at Two Birds TapHouse in Downtown Marietta. So some people who may follow him from there. He’s done a few other things and then was approached about opening his own space, which has been a dream of his. So getting to be on the other side of that, helping him realize a dream that he’s had for years is pretty special. So trying to do our best with it, keep him sane so he can focus on the food. It’s been a lot of fun too.

So are you onsite then, are you going to be onsite?

Yeah, I’ll be here most of the time-

People can see you, meet you and come up and shake your hand?

Yeah, yeah, I’ll be available. I get to serve the team as a general manager here, front and back of house team, trying to do my best to make sure that they have what they need. And we’re just excited. It’s been a long time to get to this point.

Oh that’s a great.

A little surreal just to finally have the doors open.

Yeah and I know I got to get you back down there.

Yeah, yeah. Busy day today too-

I know, I know, I appreciate your time.

Yeah, no absolutely.

So everybody check it out. Come on down here to Woodstock. Check out Public at Woodstock. I’m totally impressed so far. Once we get them, we’ll have pictures and stuff. Landon, awesome seeing you-

Good to see you. Yeah you too man.

All right, take care, thanks for your time. All right everybody’s.

See you guys.

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