What “Updating Your Home” Really Means!

What "Updating Your Home" Really Means!

Hi everybody, Tom Townsend with Townsend Realty Group. Hey, we’re about ready to start our open house. This is one of the houses that we have on the market at 1106 Fieldstone Drive. This is in the Fieldstone subdivision in Canton, Georgia. Let’s go check this property out and show you what “Updating Your Home” really means! This is such a gorgeous home, sellers have really taken care of this one. You’re going to really enjoy some of the features in this one. So hang tight, we’ll get started.

All right, we’re going to walk up here. I believe they just redid this whole deck, so it’s almost a brand new deck, painted it nice. But of course, the weather always helps with an open house, when you have a gorgeous day like we have today.

Inside the house, you will notice how all the fixtures have been updated and painted. They also got new light fixtures and plumbing fixtures. Paint’s been all updated. As you walk more into the house, they have a den and then the newly remodeled kitchen. So what these folks did, I believe they removed a wall and then took down everything to the studs, and pretty much rebuilt the kitchen. Double ovens, all KitchenAid, high-grade double ovens. Everything’s been updated, the flooring’s been updated and replaced. As we walk out of the kitchen, you got a neat sunroom.

All right, then we’re going to move on down past the kitchen, they also have a nice dining room. They also put new windows in this home as well, so they all have these new vinyl windows, which are great for the insulation and energy-conserving windows. Then we have new carpeting goin’ on the way up the stairs. After walking up the stairs to the left, we have the master. to the right is the laundry room, and that washer and dryer are actually staying with this home.

All right, obviously, we’re on the lowest level in the basement. This is the garage, the two-stall garage with lots of room. And then you got tons of storage as you come through here as well.

All right, well we hope you enjoyed the tour of this open house that we’re having. Just a couple of things in mind, this is a 20-year-old home, great case study for those that are getting ready to sell your house, this is what you’re tryin’ to do. You’re tryin’ to update it, replace those light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, get the paint done, put new flooring in. It’s going to make a huge difference with how the house shows. We’ve had quite a few folks actually walk through this home already, and all of the feedback has been really positive. They’re really encouraged with all the updates that the homeowners have done to this. So anyway, hope everybody’s having a good one. This is 1106 Fieldstone Drive, in Canton, Georgia. If you’re interested in it, reach out to us ASAP. This one’s not going to last very long. But more importantly, take note of how this house looks and what they did in order to get it ready for the market. I hope that answered your question about what “Updating Your Home” really means! Make sure you give us a thumbs up if you thought this was helpful, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Hope everybody’s having a good one, thanks.


What "Updating Your Home" Really Means!
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