Walkthrough Tour in Woodstock Georgia

[Tom] All right, here we are at one of our new listings at 222 Northbrooke in Woodstock. This is a cul-de-sac house. House on a cul-de-sac, nice and private in the back, and gosh, just already looks real nice. So, we’re going to pop into his house. We’re going to have a Walkthrough Tour in Woodstock Georgia and talk to Beth about the house itself and do a little tour, see what we got. All right, hey Beth.

[Beth] Hey Tom, how’s it goin’?

[Tom] Good, how are you?


Good. Wow.


[Tom] This is a pretty home, isn’t it?

[Beth] Isn’t this nice?

[Tom] Yeah, it really is.

[Beth] Check out the floors.

[Tom] Yeah, so I understand that she obviously updated these.

These are, yes, these are white oak floors. They are a little strong than like, a red oak as far as, you know, getting fewer dents and whatnot, and they look really good. This room right here is an office, it could be a den, it could be a living room if you’d rather have that, a reading room…

[Tom] A side dining room.

[Beth] A nice sized dining room, very open, open to the kitchen, and then this I love because it’s two stories and you have a great view of the backyard. It’s very private, and I love the view. It makes it nice and bright in here.

Look at this.

And then all open to the kitchen.


[Beth] You got to come in the kitchen, take a look at the bar or the-

Island there.

Island, excuse me.

[Tom] So, you do have a little breakfast area.

[Beth] You have a breakfast area and then you do have, you know, a small breakfast bar, which is great. What’s nice about this is this was custom built and it has a wine rack. It has a great wine cooler. The drawers in the island are soft close, which are always really nice to close all those doors. Yeah, and I like how they-

That is gorgeous.

[Beth] If you look, they changed the granite from this counter to here, which I like the contrast, and the island is black, which I like how they, kind of, changed it up a little bit. So, it looks really good. It’s a nice size island. Kitchen is a great size… Stainless steel.




[Beth] And it has a big pantry.

Oh, okay.

I like the double door pantry, it is always helpful when you’re trying to… Store things, and lots of cabinet space. I mean, a lot of cabinet space, completely separate from-

[Tom] And I love how it’s all open into the family room.

[Beth] Very open.

[Tom] ‘Kay, let’s pop on outside here, since we’re standing here.


Check it out. We’re going to step out here. It is raining out right now so we’re probably not going to spend a lot of time out here but yeah, they have an oversize deck. Now, from I understand, what the homeowners told me was they did expand this deck, but it looks really good.

[Beth] I mean, this deck is a size where you can have-

[Tom] Man, look at that yard.

[Beth] A table for eating and then you could also have seating here.


[Beth] So, you have a dining area, you probably would have enough room for a dining area, a seating area, and-

[Tom] Oh, jeez, here was a deer right there, did you see that thing?

[Beth] That was so cool.

[Tom] That scared me, I almost dropped the phone. So, there you go, folks. That’s what you get in Cherokee County, Georgia. Deer living’ in your backyard all the time.

Got to love Woodstock, Georgia.

[Tom] Yeah, so the side, I see they’ve done a bunch of landscaping. It looks kind of neat, that looks great, multilevel there.

[Beth] Did you show the fire pit?

[Tom] I did, I showed the fire pit over there so, yeah, really neat.

Great to have for gatherings and entertaining and kids and, you know, that’s worth mentioning. The schools here in Cherokee County are great. The schools for this location are Mountain Road and, yep, Mountain Road Elementary, Dean Rusk Middle School, and Sequoia High School. So, all very well known schools in Cherokee.

[Tom] Okay, good. All right, well, let’s go back inside ’cause I’m getting a little wet.

[Beth] Yeah.

[Tom] All right, we’re back inside. We’re going to walk back through the family room and we’ll go back to this area back here.

[Beth] I think what’s great about this house is there is a bedroom on the main floor.

Yeah it is.

This could be used as a guest bedroom. This could be used, again, as an office, a den, and then it has the on suite bathroom and also, you know, there’s two access points to the bathroom, which-


Is great, so you have the privacy if you’re sharing the room, and your guests have access… To the main floor bathroom.

Yeah, neat.


[Tom] Very good. Okay, cool, all right, I think we’re ready to go up stairs.


[Tom] All right, yeah, this is nice.

[Beth] Yeah, open staircase that opens to the family room, great views all the way up.

[Tom] Now, this looks like it’s all brand new carpet, right?

Very nice carpet, yes. And what’s nice about the upstairs is they have… Three bedrooms plus the master, and there’s one, yeah, there’s a split that shares a bathroom. So, to me, that’s like a Jack and Jill, I always call that a Jack and Jill. As an example, here’s one of the bedrooms.

[Tom] Nice. Looks good.

[Beth] Bright, cheery, and…

[Tom] Yeah, this is a nice size room.

[Beth] Yeah, and it goes right into-

[Tom] The Jack and Jill bath.

[Beth] The Jack and Jill bath, which is great, ’cause it has two sinks and the shower and toilet area are separate, so that’s nice, so you have a private showering area from the dual sinks, dual vanities, and then you come into the other bedroom.

[Tom] Wow. All right. So, that’s the two over here.

[Beth] That side, and then there’s one more…

[Tom] Oh.

[Beth] Bedroom up here that has its own on suite bathroom.

[Tom] So, you got one bath, bedroom down. This is one, two, three, we have one more, so it’s four up… And then we’re going to have three bathrooms up.

[Beth] Mmhm, full baths. This one has a nice walk in closet.

[Tom] Okay, let’s go check out the master.

Well, on the way, just a quick peek, there is upstairs laundry room. Everyone loves an upstairs laundry room for ease in doing laundry, no more hauling it up and down the stairs all day long, and then we have–

[Tom] Decently sized.

[Beth] It’s a really good size. A really nice size. Lots of windows.

Great views.


See if my friend the deer is still out there.

I don’t think he is.

Probably not. All right, let’s check out the bath.

Big master bath.

Oh yeah. Nice shower.

I do love that fan.

[Tom] Split shower and then the big jetted tub.

[Beth] Yeah, that’s a big tub, and it has like, a seating area.

It’s got a little seating area in there.

Yeah, it’s kind of nice. I know.

[Tom] It is nice.

[Beth] Plenty of room, dual vanities, linen-

And this is the pantry?

[Beth] Yep, linen closet. A nice size linen closet. And then you have to check out the walk in closet, which is really…

[Tom] Let’s look at the room.

[Beth] Yeah.

[Tom] Wow.

[Beth] And I do like how it has a window, it just makes it brighter in here but yet, it’s not a huge window.


You know? Many spaces in here.

Yeah, there’s plenty of storage in here.

Plenty of storage, yeah.

[Tom] All right, cool. All right, let’s head on down to the basement and check that out.

I hope you enjoyed the Walkthrough Tour in Woodstock Georgia. If you’re interested in receiving more information on this property or any other property that we have available, please visit our website, click the link below, or give us a call or text us directly. We sure hope you enjoyed this beautiful property and hope you’re having’ a great day, thanks.

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