Waiting To Sell My Home | Georgia Housing Market 2021

Waiting To Sell My Home | Georgia Housing Market 2021

If you are a seller and are holding back because of a variety of different reasons you don’t want to put the house on the market right now because you’re afraid of what the market’s going to do. You’re afraid of being homeless and not being able to find a house after you sell yours. Or you know, the pandemics got you upset and concerned. I’m going to address all of that stuff here. So stay tuned. I’m going to answer a lot of those questions for you and let you know why “Waiting To Sell My Home” is not a good idea right now.

All right this is a common occurrence that we’re finding more and more in this industry right now. Specifically right here in Cherokee County, Cobb County, this kind of North Georgia market area. And that is sellers are scared or reluctant is a better word, reluctant to put their houses on the market for a variety of reasons. Primarily the top reasons are, they’re afraid they’re not going to be able to find another house in the backside. Once they sell their home. Maybe they’re afraid that the market’s going to crash. Those are probably, the two most common comments that we get all the time. I did a video earlier about why this market’s not going to crash anytime soon. And when I say anytime soon, probably the next two or three years.

Number two is, what was the second reason, Jane? Oh, being homeless.

That’s right. You’re worried about selling your house before you find a new one. Okay. So here’s the deal. When we work with buyers and sellers, you know, one of the first things that I always tell them is you’ve got to make a decision in this market. If you’re a buyer or a seller if you currently have a house that you currently own and you want to move and you want to buy a new house. You’ve got to make the decision. Are you a buyer or are you a seller? If you are in a situation where you can buy that new home without having to sell your existing one, go for it. You’re a buyer. So if you can pay two mortgages at one time. Maybe you’ve already got the cash to buy the second house, the next house.

So if that is not your situation, if you have to sell the house before you buy the next house, you, know you’re not going to get favorable financing and you don’t have the cash available. Then you are a seller and you need to think about selling before you buy. This is where people get hung up because they’re like, I’m going to sell my house. I’m going to be homeless. Cause I’m not going to be able to find a house in this crazy market that we’re in before that. We have a lot of different techniques, a lot of different services available in today’s market to overcome that. So I’ll just share a couple of these with you. So one of the services that you could do, is you can have an agent negotiate, a post quote closing occupancy. This means that you are able to stay in your existing home until you actually find a home. You can negotiate that on the contract. You are, you’re going to have to have a good agent that understands how that works and has got good negotiating skills but you can negotiate that on a contract for the purchase of your existing home. So then you’re not homeless, right? Get your house under contract, negotiate a post-closing occupancy. So you can stay in your house until you can find another one.

Another solution that we work on quite a bit, is there’s a service out there that allows you to use a financing arm to buy the house for cash, your new house, with cash. You move in, basically as a renter. Once you get moved in, then you turn around and you can focus on selling your house. A huge advantage to that service. For one, it turns you into a cash buyer, meaning that you have, you’re in a great position to negotiate a great deal with on your new home. And it’s not contingent on the sale of your existing home. So it takes all those risks away from the new seller of the new house. And it puts you in a great position and you can leverage that. And then you turn around and you sell your house. So there’s a lot of details that have to be talked about on how that whole thing works. It’s not as expensive as you think. It really isn’t. There’s a lot of companies out there that actually doing that.

Then the third way, it’s been out there forever, is you can negotiate or have a bridge loan. In other words, you can go out to a finance company and talk about having a bridge loan that allows you to not be just killed with a terrible cash flow in between transitioning from your old house into a new home.

So those are just a couple of techniques that we use. There’s a lot more, that are actually out there that we actually help clients with, but do not give up your dream of buying that dream home, moving that new home because you’re afraid of being homeless, not being able to find a new home or because you’re, you’re fearful that the market’s going to crash. All right? So we want you to get into those new homes that, that dream home as quickly, and as painless as you possibly can. And we are here to provide you all the services and tools available in order to make that happen. Thank you very much for watching. Hopefully, that was helpful. And we’ll talk to you guys soon.

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