The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Cherokee County

The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent | Georgia Housing Market

If you are wondering what the benefits of hiring a real estate agent in Cherokee County are, in other words, if you’re out looking for a house here in Cherokee County and you want to know if you really need an agent to do so. I am here to explain it to you and let you know what an agent would being to the table in the market today.

Okay, so in today’s market, it’s really, really easy to go out and find a home here in Cherokee County, right? I mean, just pick your favorite app, being Zillow, Trulia,, or Keller Williams app to go out and actually look and see what kind of houses are out on the market. So typically what we’re finding in the Georgia Housing Market is you do that, you find a house that you want to go see, you randomly find some agent out there, you give them a call, send them a text and, “Hey, I want to go look at this house.” And they basically open the door for you and you go take a look at it.

Let me tell you why that is the exact opposite process that you want to go through. So there are some advantages that you’re really going to want to understand with working with a buyer’s agent and meeting with a buyer’s agent prior to you going out on one of your apps and finding it.

The first one is it’s a very competitive market out there. You’re going to need an advocate on your side to go to battle for you in purchasing a home. Your agent that you select is really selling you to the listing agent and the seller of any particular home. They’re going to need some information. They need to know a lot of information about your financing, why you’re actually moving, and able to position you and your offer in the best light possible based on your specific circumstances. So it’s not as easy as just writing up a contract, making an offer, and they accept it, and woo, everybody is happy. It doesn’t work that way anymore. They really need to understand your specific requirements and what your goals are and your buying power in order to put the best offer possible. This is also true with new construction here in Cherokee County.

The other thing that we’re seeing is that some buyers don’t think you really need an agent on your side. They just go to the sales office, new construction site, and they’re, of course, happy to take care of you with open arms, because guess what? They don’t have to pay a buyer’s agent when you walk in, right? You’re unrepresented when you walk into new construction and you actually write a contract directly with the sales office. So they’ve already budgeted that money to have an agent on your side representing you, so it’s there. But when you’re unrepresented, that’s just additional money that’s in their pocket. So you’re actually double paying. You’re actually paying for representation that you’re not receiving. So it’s really important that you do this exact same thing with new construction.

Another benefit of hiring a Real Estate Agent in Cherokee County, regardless if it is new construction or not, is that they have a team of individuals that will actually be working on your behalf. So most agents have a very tight-knit group of folks that they know, it’s their team if you will. Lenders, home inspectors, that are actually working on your behalf. So if nobody really knows who you are and you just kind of randomly call up a lender, they’re just not going to give you the attention that you deserve. So working with an agent is going to bring their whole team into play and everybody’s going to be working really hard on your behalf to get you a house.

So those are just a few benefits of hiring a Real Estate Agent in Cherokee County and that will actually bring to the table for you. Hopefully, that was helpful. If you’re out looking if you’re thinking about buying, reach out to us, reach out to another agent, have that conversation station with them so you don’t fall in love with a house and not be prepared to be able to actually capitalize on it and win the deal. So we’re here to help out anybody. It was great talking to you and hopefully, everybody’s having a great day. Thanks.

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