Should I Fix My House Or Sell As Is?

Should I Fix My House Or Sell As Is?

Hey everybody, Tom Townsend with Townsend Realty Group and Keller Williams. Hey, I am coming to you from Canton, Ga, and wanted to answer a question that we get quite often. The question is, “Should I fix my house or sell as is?“. So this is great for anybody that’s looking to sell their home soon.

Although I can totally understand where some people are coming from when they ask that question, I guess one of the things that we always ask them as a follow-up is, “what is your ultimate goal in selling the home itself?”. It’s usually to make the most money or to net the most money that they possibly can out of the sale. Or it may end up being a time thing where they need to sell their home in a certain amount of time. So depending on where they’re at on that spectrum is really going to depend on what the best avenue is for them. Typically, what we’re finding is most people are really wondering how do I make the most money or net the most money out of the sale of my home. And when that’s the situation, then we typically ask them, “Well, would it be helpful for you to understand what buyers think, and what they’re looking for in today’s market?” And inevitably they’ll probably say, “Yeah, actually that would be great.”

So what we try and do is explain to them what the typical buyer is doing in the market itself at this particular time in the price point that they may be selling at. If we just kind of use general terms and averages here that we have here in Canton, Georgia, or even in Woodstock or Cherokee County, typically what buyers are looking for is a very easy home to move into, and in today’s market right now, a lot of buyers don’t have extra cash to actually use to be able to fix up a home after they purchase it.

So what they’re really looking for is a move into a home that has already been decorated, there are no issues with it, there are no repairs that need to be done. And they have a very high value on homes that are actually move-in ready and they don’t have to worry about it afterwards. So that’s typically what we’re finding, but if your situation is that you’re really just trying to get the most money that you possibly can out of the home, then your best bet is usually to make some of those improvements so we can drive the maximum number of buyers to that home, and then obviously we’re going to use our skills as negotiators on the backside to be able to enhance and even further drive up the net that you’re going to get on the sale of your home.

So anyway, that’s usually how we consult clients through the process of you should fix up or sell your house as-is. But once again, keep in mind that it really depends on what your ultimate goal is before you get a true solution and an answer to that question. Hopefully, that helped. Make sure to give me a thumbs up if you liked the video and you thought it was helpful, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. And there’s a lot of great information and we’re always providing insight into what’s going on in our local market. Hope everybody’s having a great day and talk to you soon, thanks.

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Should I Fix My House Or Sell As Is?
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