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Meet One of Our New Cherokee County Agents!

Meet One of Our New Agents!! | Chandler Middleton

Hey everyone, it’s Jane with Townsend Realty Group. Meet One of Our New Cherokee County Agents Chandler Middleton. He is a new agent at Keller Williams and Townsend Realty Group, and we’re going to just kind of sit down, and get to know him a little bit more. All right Chandler, how are you today? Great, how are you?

Good, I’m good.


I just wanted to kind of get to know you a little bit, before real estate. Just kind of, what happened with you? How did you grow up? Where did you grow up? All that good stuff.

Yeah, so, I was actually born in California, and moved to Canton, Georgia, maybe when I was like a year old? So when I was really young. And I really just kind of grew up here in Cherokee County. I went to Sixes, Freedom, and then Woodstock High School. And then, played baseball, played basketball growing up. And, actually, after that, I went to Kennesaw State University, which is…

Okay, right down the road.

Yeah, right down the road, like 20 minutes. And I graduated from there with a finance degree. And I have a younger brother too that actually just graduated high school at Woodstock, and he’s playing baseball in college. And so, we’re a very, very close family, but very, like, sports-oriented family.

Right, competitive. We like it, awesome.

Yeah, that’s right.

How did you get into real estate here in Cherokee County and why? What made you make that decision?

Yeah, so I think I’ve always kind of been interested in real estate. I remember my dad worked in Alpharetta, Ga, and I remember asking my dad to drive me around some of these nice homes in Alpharetta. Even in my spare time, I’ll look up homes for sale in Cherokee County. I was just kind of always intrigued by it. And then I went to college, and I took some real estate classes, and it just kind of fueled my passion and desire to be in real estate. And then, as I was about to graduate, COVID hit. So, job offers went away. Yeah, great timing.

Yeah, exactly.

So, some of the job opportunities weren’t there anymore. So I was like, “This is a perfect time to get my license.” And so, I got my license, and I was actually at a different brokerage before I switched to Townsend Realty Group and Keller Williams here in Woodstock, Ga.

So why did you pick Townsend Realty Group exactly? I know you could have picked from multiple teams, you can go individual, but why Townsend Realty Group?

Yeah, I think, well one, the support system, I think. Very supportive and encouraging, and, especially as a newer agent, that support system is really important to me, and I knew Tom and Tom’s wife, Beth. My mom was a teacher at Sixes Elementary School too. And I’ve always kind of heard that Tom and Beth are great people. And so, that was definitely a plus. But also, where I want to be, I want to be an investor, and I know Tom has multiple rentals so, to work for someone that I want to be in the future, I think was a huge plus, and that’s kind of basically why I chose Townsend Realty.

Awesome, we love that. We love having you.

It was a great decision too.

Good! I’m glad. So, this is kind of a fun question. What is the craziest experience you’ve been through/heard about, in regards to real estate?

Yeah, so, probably my first month in, I was doing a showing. I was doing a showing for another agent’s clients, and they’re actually in Florida, so I was going to do a FaceTime. And so, it was an hour away. It was in Dallas so it was an hour away. So it was a long drive, which was fine. And, so I’m going there and I’m getting the lockbox, and I’m opening the door, and the alarm goes off.

Oh no.

And I’m sitting there thinking like, I’m looking, I’m like, there was no description of alarm, or the code or anything. So I call the agent, the agent doesn’t pick up, I text her and leave a voicemail. And then I call the listing agent, didn’t pick up, and texted him and left a voicemail. And so, while this is happening, and the alarm’s still going off. And, some of the neighbors were coming outside, and all of them were just staring at me. You know, “What the heck is this guy doing?” And so, that was super awkward. I’m just like, “Well, I guess I’ll just sit here,” ’cause I don’t want to be in the house, and the cops showed up.

Right, yeah.

So finally the cops showed up, and I kind of tell them what I’m doing, and then the listing agent calls me and tells me the code and stuff. So, everything turned out to be okay. And then I’m showing the property to her clients, the agent’s clients. And then as I walk out, this big truck comes, and it was like one of the neighbors and he like confronts me in a really kind of mean way, and asking me all these different questions, and it was just like, yeah.

And you were brand new.

And I was brand new, so I’m like, “Oh no!” So now, before I go in I make sure.

Oh yeah, learned your lesson.

Yeah, I learned my lesson. But also, I have another one, if I can say it?

Awesome, yes, of course.

So, I was also showing the property to one of my clients, and so we go in the door, and we go to the bathrooms and the bedrooms, and everything is great. And so, then we want to check out the garage, right? We want to know what the garage looks like. And so, as I opened the door to the garage and look in, the family was in there. The family of the house was in there. And they were all kind of bundled around each other. So, it was super weird, and kind of creepy if I must say.

Do you think they were scared? Like, did they hear someone come in, and they were like, “Let’s go to the garage!”

I don’t know, maybe. Maybe they forgot, and they heard that, or yeah, I have no idea. And so, my clients and I were just like looking at each other like, “What do we do?” And yeah, so that was kind of creepy, kind of weird, but yeah.

Oh my gosh, that’s funny. Well, that’s kind of it for now. Thank you again, Chandler for sitting with me, and talking a little bit about yourself. Hopefully, we get to see Chandler a little more in the future, but we will see you next time. Again, make sure to thumbs up this video, and subscribe down below. Bye guys!

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