In Cherokee County, What is an HOA?

Hey, everybody, Tom Townsend coming to you. This video is for everybody that has a question about what is an HOA, how they work, what are the benefits? And specifically, we work in the Bridgemill Community right here in Canton, Georgia, and we’ve got kind of a unique situation here, and I’ll kind of explain that to you. So if you ever had any questions about HOAs, that’s what this video is all about for you.

First of all, HOA stands for Homeowners Association. Some of the benefits that you’re going to get with an HOA is that you’re going to have some restrictions on what people can do in the neighborhood. So the whole point of an HOA is to create synergy within the neighborhood itself. So you’re going to have some architectural requirements, some things that amplify and benefit the value of everybody’s property in an HOA, not just an individual. So there’s going to be a lot of restrictions and rules along with an HOA. For example, some of the common ones that we have here in Bridgemill are that you have to have your garage doors closed when you’re not in use. You have to have your garbage cans put someplace where you can’t see them from the curb. Also, another one that I found out about is everybody has to have a tree in the front yard. Once again, this is something that really amplifies the overall value of our properties here and benefits the community as a whole.

Obviously, you’re going to see some downsides to an HOA. A lot of people want to have the freedom to do whatever the heck they want to do with their properties. They want to paint it whatever color they want to paint it. They don’t want to have to go to a board to get approval for a particular paint color. Some of the other things, a common question that we get is can I park my RV or my boat or maybe a company truck or vehicle in my driveway? Those are great questions to reach back out to any specific HOA and ask because every community’s going to have different rules and regulations and restrictions within their community itself.

So speaking specifically about Bridgemill, since we do a lot of work here, let me kind of tell you how we work. There’s a lot of misconception that all the athletic and amenities that we have here are part of the HOA. They are not. They are owned and operated separately from our community here. So the community pool, the golf course, the tennis courts, all the other amenities that we have are actually owned and operated separately from our homeowners association. The homeowners association is strictly managing and regulating the homeowners in what we do on our personal property to make sure that we are abiding by our rules and restrictions here, and then they take care of the common area. So the entrance area and those particular areas itself. And then they have their own budget and such. So that’s what our HOA here in Bridgemill and how it works. All the athletic and all the amenities, the clubhouse, all that stuff is separately owned and operated. It just happens to be located obviously on the premise here.

Hopefully, this answers your question of “What is an HOA?”. If you have an agent that you’re used to working with, hopefully, they’ll be able to answer all those questions. If you have any additional questions about HOAs, specifically here in Cherokee County, Georgia, Bridgemill or the Sixes area, we have a lot of the information for all the subdivisions in the area, and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you specifically about what, how those HOAs work.

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What is an HOA? | Townsend Realty Group
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