How to Sell an Expired Listing

Hey everybody, Tom Townsend with Townsend Realty Group and Keller Williams. Hey, I’m going to talk to you about expired listings today and how to sell an expired listing. This is for all those folks that unfortunately may have hired an agent, put their house on the market, and maybe it was listed for quite a few months, and unfortunately, it never sold.

One of the things that we actually do really well and have a wonderful track record is working with folks that didn’t sell their house or had an unsuccessful sale the first time. And let me tell you what the difference is. You’ve probably already learned, that right here in Cherokee County, in Cobb County, not every agent is the same. And we all have a little bit different approach, we have a little bit different marketing approach, and pricing approach and those things actually relate to how well your home was actually marketed, and how much exposure it really had within the market itself.

So we’ve had a great track record, we actually do quite a few listings every single year with folks that did not sell their house the first time. I am proud to say that since the recording of this the last 18 months prior, we have sold 100% of the homes that had a failed listing prior. So let me kind of tell you the difference between what we do and maybe what some of the average agents actually do out there.

The first thing we do, is we actually sit down to find out what your goals are, in reference to the timing of the sale, how quick you want to sell it, and also what your goals are as far as are you trying to obtain the most money for the house. Is it a situation where you don’t want to be shown any particular time and you’re more concerned about the timing. So once we have a better understanding of what your ultimate goals are, we can come up with a strategy. Now one of the marketing strategies we do is in reference to selling a listing that didn’t sell the first time is the first thing that we do, is we bring in a stager, and we actually go through the home and we consult with you and give you ideas of actually how to stage the home. And then after you’ve gone through that, and you’ve had a punch list, and you’ve actually worked through all the staging items, we’ll bring in a photographer. We do high definition, high-quality photography, we also can do videos, drone shots, we can do walkthroughs, a Meta Port files, whatever our client’s desire, and that’s all going to be depending on the property itself.

So the high-quality photos, the high definition photos are really key to the remaining part of the strategies that we have with our marketing homes themselves. So once we have that high-quality material in hand, we do all the things that traditional agents should be doing. That is we’ll put it on the multiple listing services, which gets pushed out to thousands of other websites. We put the sign in the front yard, we’re going to do print material, and then of course we might do an open house, we may not, depends on what our clients desire.

Then the second pillar of our marketing strategy is actually our online service. Now we have had tremendous success with our online marketing that we’ve had with our expireds. Now it goes much further beyond just posting it on my Facebook page to my 500 friends. We actually do paid marketing campaigns, which are strategically pointed to specific audiences, that are going to have a desire for your property. We actually target what those audiences look like and we do paid campaigns, towards those particular folks. They all have a call to action on the marketing itself, so we capture the leads, and we have a followup program.

We also do what we refer to as remarketing. Once we have their information, we can also build additional campaigns behind that, that actually is going to be pushing your home in front of them on a consistent basis all online, depending on how they actually saw your house originally. Either on a laptop, or their phone, or some other device. We have been very successful in actually capturing leads, and getting your home exposed to our online strategy.

Then the last section that we do in our marketing is really all about the timing, and the pricing of the product, your property itself. Right now, in most areas, we have a lot of buyers and not enough inventory. So how we capitalize on that, is that we are going to put a strategy in place that’s going to drive multiple offers for your property. What we do is we determine what the starting prices or your list prices, and then we just shave a little bit off of that, come in a little bit below so it’s extremely desirable in our market area. That’s going to drive a lot of interest and a lot of buyers to your home. It’s just like an auction. So what we do is we actually go live with your listing on Thursday, we do an open house on Saturday or Sunday, we’ll go ahead and we’ll review all the multiple offers, either Sunday night or Monday, and then we have you under contract by Tuesday.

So that’s kind of the plan that we have that we layout as far as the marketing itself. And because of the pricing strategy and pricing it just a little bit below list price, you’re going to be very desirable, you’re going to catch a lot of attention from buyers themselves. So if you encapsulate all of that, that’s the marketing strategy that we work. It has worked very well for our expired listings, especially right here in Cherokee County in Cobb County, which is where we have most of our experience. So hopefully that was helpful and answered your question on how to sell an expired listing. If you have any questions or more comments on that or want a little bit more detail, we’d love to talk to you about that. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and also give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video.

Thanks and hope you having a great day.


How to Sell an Expired Listing
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