5 Things Home Sellers Wish They Had Done Differently When Selling a Property in Atlanta

5 Things Home Sellers Wish They Had Done Differently When Selling a Property in Atlanta

Selling a property can be a complex and intricate process that demands significant planning and preparation. From accurately pricing your home to making preparations for listing and selling at the appropriate time, to effective marketing, the procedure is fraught with the potential for error. Thus, it is not surprising that many home sellers experience regret and wish they had done things differently. According to surveys, up to 84% of first-time home sellers in this country wish they had done something differently. This is where we come in: we are here to help you avoid those mistakes. To that end, here are five things that home sellers wish they had done differently when selling a property in Cherokee County.

1. Not Pricing Correctly

One of the things that home sellers wished they had done differently when selling a property in Cherokee County involves pricing. Many sellers wish they had priced their homes lower while others wish they had priced higher. Typically, homeowners selling property in Cherokee County think their homes are worth more than their actual value. They have grown attached to their property, lived there for a long time, and believe their home is worth more than comparable homes in the area, and as such, they price too high. As a result, potential buyers ignore the listing, and the property sits unsold on the market for an extended period. Buyers then believe something is wrong with the home, and sellers are forced to lower the price below market value to sell. Alternatively, some sellers price their homes too low, with almost the same outcome. When a property is evidently priced too low, potential buyers skip over the listing, thinking that something is wrong with the home. To price your home correctly and in line with market value to sell quickly, your best option is to have a Cherokee County agent perform a comparative market analysis. For more information about this, contact an agent at 770-280-4560.

2. Selling As-Is or Making Few Repairs

Another common regret home sellers have is selling as-is or just making a few repairs or upgrades. These homeowners think they can forgo repairs – and the often hefty expenses – and make more money from the sale. Unfortunately, selling a property seldom works this way. In many cases, making the necessary repairs and upgrades, especially those revealed by an inspection, even though it carries a cost, often yields more in the end than if you hadn’t made the repairs. You can sell at a higher price and usually recoup more than the cost of the repairs.

3. Neglecting Curb Appeal

Neglecting curb appeal is another mistake that home sellers often make when selling a property in Atlanta. It is one of the top things home sellers regret when selling a property. In today’s world, where most homebuyers shop online, virtual curb appeal is immensely important. The yard, landscaping, and exterior of your home all contribute to curb appeal. They are the first things buyers see in person or virtually, creating a critical first impression that makes buyers want to see more. Therefore, if you do not work on your home’s curb appeal, you may lose a sale before it even gets rolling.

4. Selling at the Wrong Time

Another thing that home sellers wish they had done differently is selling at the wrong time. 25% of respondents in a survey said they wish they had listed at a different time. Late spring and early summer have traditionally been the best times to list and sell a home. Still, the best listing time can vary depending on the local market conditions. If you are uncertain about when to sell, talk to your real estate agent, as they will have up-to-date information on local trends and can help you make the best decision.

Selling your property can be a complicated and challenging process, but by avoiding these common mistakes, you can increase your chances of a successful sale. With a little preparation, research, and the right mindset, you can sell your home and move on to the next chapter of your life.

5. Using the Wrong Agent

And then many home sellers regret using the wrong agent when selling a property. You need to make sure you hire an agent who has your best interests at heart and isn’t just out to collect a commission. 

Experts recommend that you interview several agents to find who can best meet your needs and give you the most bang for your buck. To make sure a prospective agent has the necessary experience and expertise, here are some of the things to ask about during interviews:

  • The specific marketing plan for your home
  • Whether you have to sign a contract 
  • The agent’s negotiation style and strategies
  • Whether the agent will communicate by your preferred method and how responsive they will be
  • If they have any current listing that will compete with your home-buy

Or you can take an easier and more direct route to find the right agent. And that is to go to an agency known for top-notch agents and results. That way you can avoid the lengthy and time-consuming process of interviewing a bunch of agents, many of whom ultimately don’t work out. So if selling a property in Atlanta is on your horizon, be sure to contact us today at 770-280-4560.


Q: What is the article about?

A: The article is about common mistakes made by home sellers when selling a property in Cherokee County, and how to avoid those mistakes.

Q: What are some of the common mistakes that home sellers make?

A: Some common mistakes include not pricing the property correctly, selling the property as-is or making only a few repairs, neglecting curb appeal, and selling at the wrong time.

Q: Why is pricing the property correctly important?

A: Pricing the property correctly is important to attract potential buyers and sell the property quickly. If the property is priced too high, buyers may skip over the listing, and if it is priced too low, buyers may think there is something wrong with the property.

Q: Why is it important to make repairs and upgrades to the property?

A: Making repairs and upgrades to the property can increase its value and help it sell for a higher price. Neglecting repairs and upgrades can turn off potential buyers and lead to a lower selling price.

Q: Why is curb appeal important?

A: Curb appeal is important because it creates a good first impression for potential buyers. Neglecting curb appeal can turn off potential buyers and lead to a lower selling price.

Q: When is the best time to sell a home?

A: Traditionally, late spring and early summer have been the best times to list and sell a home. However, the best listing time can vary depending on the local market conditions.

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