Find out the value of your home!

Find out the value of your home!

Hey, everybody, Tom Townsend with Townsend Realty Group. Hey, I am coming to you to offer you a service that we’ve been doing for our past clients for quite a few years. It just kind of came and dawned on us that we would just go ahead and throw a video out there and present it to just about anybody that was interested in it. And that is Finding your home value. What we’re finding is that just about any of us can go online nowadays and add our address and pretty much get an idea, or an estimate, of what our home value is. You used to always have to reach out to agents to do that, but not anymore. You can go out there and get a Zillow estimate or, you know, 15 different estimates. However, those are all estimates, right? And they’re kind of best guesses.

The best way to find out exactly how much your home is worth is actually receiving offers from the market, by actual buyers. So what we’ve been doing, especially in the last year, is we’ve been tapping into all the cash buyers that are out there that are presenting real offers to homeowners. And so that’s what we’ve been doing for our clients, is we actually, on an annual basis, we go out there and we get cash offers and we present to them.

The purpose of that is to really find out really what the market would be willing to pay for their home to find out exactly what the value is. Now you don’t have to accept the offers, right? We’re just basically using their systems in order to receive offers to get a better idea. And they’re fully aware of that. They’re fully aware that people are actually doing that just to get a better idea.

So anyway we’ve been doing that. And you have to also understand, we’ve done videos about this in the past, there’s a lot of them out there. It’s not just one or two, there are dozens of them. So what we do is we reach out to them on your behalf. We receive real offers, real cash offers. And then we come back and we put it into this really cool, little spreadsheet. Now you folks that love spreadsheets are going to love this. Folks that aren’t into big spreadsheets, it’s going to be a little bit mind-boggling for you. But each one of these little boxes here represents a different offer from a different buyer.

So we’ll put all the offers on this spreadsheet. We’ll sit down with you, we kind of go through it. And then we actually, you know, it’ll give you a great idea of the wide range of different buyers there are out there, what services they actually provide, and give you a real true, accurate estimate of what your home value is.

Once again, no obligations. It doesn’t cost you a dime. You’re not obligated to select or sell your house to any of these folks, but it is a tool that gives you a really good indication of what your home value is. Why is that important? That’s a personal question. I do know that we helped out a recent client that purchased a home about a year and a half ago. And we did this for them. And he found out that, you know, he had $16,000 worth of equity that had built up over the last, I think it was like 14 months. Now the average person, to save $14,000 takes a long time. He was elated. Now, you know, that helped him out in his particular situation. There’s a lot of different things that you can do with that. You can tap into it. You can just leave it alone and it can just be information. But it gave them an opportunity to really make the next decision on what was going to be best for them based on their situation. So that’s kind of what the whole purpose of that would be. We’ve been doing this, like I said, for the last few years for clients. However, the tools are out there. The technology is out there to be able to do that for just about anybody.

So if you’re in Cherokee County, Canton, Georgia area, would like to find out the value of your home, we will help you get real cash offers on your property. Reach out to us and we’ll pull you through that whole process. And I think you’d be really surprised and it’d be enlightening for you. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and give me a thumbs up if you thought this video was helpful. Thanks and have a great day.


Find out the value of your home!
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