Find Cash Buyers for your Cherokee County House Now!

Find Cash Buyers for your Cherokee County House Now!

Hey everybody, Tom Townsend with Townsend Realty Group coming to you today. Hey, listen, I’m going to answer a question that we’ve been getting here lately, especially for the Bridgemill subdivision area and Cherokee County, which is one of the areas that we focus on right here in Cherokee County. And one of the questions that we’ve been getting quite often is, how do I find a cash buyer for my Cherokee County house now and what’s going on with all the cash buyers, and can I find a cash buyer for my house?

So here’s what’s kind of going on in Bridgemill and the surrounding areas. We have a number of institutional buyers that are actually in the market now, and that is something that has come up and gotten really popular over the last handful of years. You probably have heard most of them, most of their names, and some of them, you probably haven’t. So what we do is, we actually have gone out and partnered with those folks and bring them in as an option, as far as an option for you to actually sell to. So instead of pushing them away, we’ve actually brought them in as a product offering for you as another option to sell your home. There is a huge convenience for you to sell directly to some of these cash buyers. Just to understand that you’re kind of in-between selling on the retail side and the wholesale side. The whole premise of these technology companies coming in is coming in and bringing in efficiencies and being able to capitalize on that. So you’re not really getting full market value, what we consider full market value, for many of these buyers, so they’re kind of in-between there, but there’s a huge advantage for some folks.

They will offer you cash. They will quickly close. There are no repairs, there are no showings. So there’s a lot of convenience in there, and there is a fee for that convenience. And that’s one of the things that we sit down with you and we actually consult with you to find out just how much of convenience are you willing to, or how much money are you willing to kind of give up at a convenience fee for all those conveniences? So that’s one of the first things that we actually do when we sit down with our sellers, right here in Bridgemill and in Cherokee County. We sit down and we actually ask many questions about exactly what your goals are, what are your concerns, what is your timeframe, and then we determine on if it makes sense for us to reach out to all of these new cash buyers and obtain offers and sit down and look at them at a side by side comparison to what we believe we could sell the house for in a traditional fashion.

Then we put it in a spreadsheet, we evaluate it, you take a look at it, and then you make the choice of what direction you would like to move forward with. So that’s kind of how we approach it. They’re definitely out there, the cash buyers are definitely out there. In addition to the institutional buyers, we also have a handful of investors that are here, typically locally, that buy homes here as well. Sometimes they’ll buy ’em and they’ll hang on to ’em and rent ’em. Other times, they’ll buy ’em, they’ll do the renovation, and they’ll turn around and sell it, which is what the industry kind of knows as flipping a house. So those folks are out there as well. We have a number of institutional buyers, a number of individual buyers, and then, of course, we can talk about taking your home the traditional route and actually selling it as well, which I’m going to leave for another video, ’cause that one is very interesting.

Anyways, that’s what’s going on with all the cash buyers that are out here in Bridgemill and Cherokee County and the surrounding area. I sure hope you found this a little bit more helpful. Let me know if you need to find cash buyers now and I will be happy to help. Please reach out to us. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like the video, and to get more updates and information about the local area, and give me a thumbs up if you liked the video and it was helpful. Hope you all are having a great day.



Find Cash Buyers Now!
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