Featherstone’s Grille in Bridgemill Subdivision Cherokee County

Hey everyone, Tom Townsend here. I am at Featherstone’s Grille in Bridgemill Subdivision Cherokee County. Featherstone’s is the onsite restaurant here at Bridgemill. Its, a beautiful evening here. We just finished up with dinner. Great food. Great service. Love it here at Featherstone’s. I’m out on the back porch right now, which you can see overlooks their practice hole here, and then you can see the ninth green. So the clubhouse sits on the ninth green. It’s just a beautiful evening here.

It is a phenomenal place to live. We actually have been here for 21 years now, believe it or not, and just absolutely love Bridgemill. We love Featherstone’s Grille in Bridgemill Subdivision Cherokee County. Its a great place to eat and relax, and as you can see, if you’re a golf and tennis enthusiast, it is a fantastic place to live and entertain, and come on out and relax.

So anyways, that’s it, just wanted to reach out to you.

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Featherstone's Grille in BRIDGEMILL!
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