BUY Before You SELL!

Can I Buy Before I Sell My House?

Hey, is one of the reasons you’re not listing your home and selling it right now because you’re just scared to death that you’re not going to be able to find another home to move into because there’s literally no inventory on the market? I have got a solution for you, stay tuned if you want to hear more.

Hey we are really excited to roll out this new program that we have at Townsend Realty Group and Keller Williams for our listing clients in Cherokee County, Ga. Those that are really nervous about selling their home cause they were just afraid that they weren’t going to be able to find a home in time and end up homeless. So this new program allows you to buy a home before you sell .

Basically how it works is that we’ve partnered with a company that will buy a home for you, rent it back to you before you even sell your existing home. So it basically allows you to go in find a brand new home that you want to buy, buy it with cash, it’s not going to be contingent on the sale of your home and be able to really be very competitive in the purchase of that home. The service will actually rent that house back to you for a very short period of time. Usually, it’s about 30 to 45 days is the average and then at that time, we’re going to put your existing home on the market and sell it for top dollar. So there’s a lot of moving parts in there, I know, but I’m telling you, this has been a great program we’ve actually within Keller Williams in Woodstock, Ga and we’ve done over 400 transactions like this and the buyers and the sellers are absolutely loving this, so we’re really excited to be able to roll this out to our selling clients in Cherokee County as a service to you. This allows you to once again be able to buy a home your dream home and not have to worry about having a contingency on the sale of your home. So if you want more details, reach out to us, we’ll be more than happy to talk to you about how this is all going to work and the benefit that it’s going to have for you. If this was helpful, give me a thumbs up, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll talk to you soon. Thanks.

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