– [Tom] Hey everybody, Tom Townsend here. I’m would like to introduce you to one of the premier developments that we have here in Cherokee County… Bridgemill Golf and Tennis Community in Cherokee County, Georgia. Come on… let’s Check out This Golf and Tennis Community in Cherokee County, Georgia. – Bridgemill Subdivision. Bridgemill has an absolutely gorgeous view as you enter the subdivision.

You can see the mountains in the background, as we’re approaching the development. We have plenty of commercial property that supports the residents here in the development. You have grocery stores, a CVS, restaurants… just about anything you’d like. We love the entrance of Bridgemill, it’s very pretty and always maintained very well. You can see that there’s a golf course here, an 18-hole championship golf course here in Bridgemill. It’s a golf and tennis community, and as we enter the subdivision, we will show you all the amenities of the development first, and then we’ll show you all the different homes and price points of the subdivision. Up there on the ridge, you can see some of the lighted tennis courts that we have. We’ll swing back around and take a closer look at those. As you enter this area, you can see the pool and the fitness center. All the amenities are in the area. There you can see the famous double slide that goes into the pool area. It’s a main attraction for the area. As we turn the corner, we will head to the tennis area. Bridgemill is very proud of the tennis teams that perform here. They’ve always done very well in local leagues. If you’re a tennis player and you’re new to this area, you really need to check out the facilities that we have here in the subdivision. I can’t remember exactly how many courts there are… I want to say there’s 26, however, I may be wrong. They are very well-known and lighted. We do have clay courts here as well, so once again, just really top-notch facilities here. They have a Clubhouse, a pro on staff, and just about anything you’d need for tennis. Obviously the golf course is a big attraction here as well. There is a clubhouse, which has our own restaurant, Featherstone’s Restaurant is housed in there. There’s a clubhouse, locker rooms, and a number of other options for the golf enthusiast. Over there you can see the driving range and Golf Academy. There are a lot of people out today enjoying the day.

There are so many gorgeous views as you walk through the golf course and a lot of people from the surrounding areas love to come in and play the course. In addition to tennis and golf, here’s our fitness center. It’s large enough to do hold multiple classes and of course, it’s an open gym, so you can go in and work out on your own. We also have an all-purpose facility building. You can rent that out if you have a family reunion or special event or anything that you’d like to do. We also have a number of social events that happen here in the community, and many times we use that building to host events. Yes – we have pickleball courts at Bridgemill, and there are some people out playing, and enjoying themselves today. As we wind our way around here in the parking lot, you will see the big open field we have here in Bridgemill. Many people will go out there, play Frisbee, throw a ball around, just have fun. In the back, you can see that we’ve got a huge playground area that’s all sand. It has swing sets, slides, and jungle gyms. It has all kinds of stuff for younger kids. There are also two full-size basketball courts. It’s hard to see over the hill, but if you look over the hill you can see the courts in the background. And then, of course, as we find ourselves back around the parking lot, this is the other side of the Bridgemill pool. I’ll throw some pictures of the pool in the video. It’s difficult to see from the ground level. Inside the pool, you will find a snack bar with sandwiches, hamburgers, snacks, and drinks. It’s basically full service in there. Folks have a lot of fun at the pool.

Now as we start to leave some of the amenities.. oh… I forgot to show you the pavilion and volleyball courts. The Pavillion can be rented. It is convenient for parties, get-togethers, family reunions, etc. On the other side of the pavilion, we have three sand volleyball courts. Those have become very popular over the last few years and we have leagues that play here.

Now as we leave the amenities, we have a number of different properties at different price points here in Bridgemill. First, there are over 2,800 homes here, that fall into a broad range of price points, styles, and ownership rights. This first set of homes that we’re viewing set in one of the higher-priced point sections called “The Reserves”. Some of these homes are priced over $1 million. As you can see, the development is really laid out well with winding streets and plenty of green space in between each property. By design, there are no straight roads in Bridgemill. The developer found that having winding roads is much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. There are a number of different floor plans and designs, yet Bridegmill has a nice cohesive feel to it. That’s an absolutely gorgeous home here on the cul-de-sac. Actually that’s one that backs up to Lake Allatoona. One of the other nice things about Bridgemill is that quite a few of the homes have access to the lake.

Now this section here is called Stonecroft which is our Condominium community. The condo community is very popular for those homeowners looking for a low-maintenance option.

We have two sections here in Bridgemill that we refer to as “The Cottages”. They are smaller in total living area, wonderful starter homes, and perfect for first-time home buyers, or folks ready to sell the big house and simplify their life. As you can see, the cottages are stylish, with lots of character. The architecture is really, really pretty… just a lot of character with these homes. h/ere are a few more cottage homes… you can see a lot of pride in homeownership here in the subdivision. Many of these homes even back-up to the golf course. You can hang-out on the patio, relax and watch the golfers do their thing.

Of course, we have a wide range of mid-priced homes here in the subdivision as well. They offer a wide range of home styles. We have ranches, two-story homes, basement lots, slab homes, and all are of high craftsmanship.

Bridgemill feeds into the Sixes and Liberty Elementary Schools, Freedom Middle School, and Cherokee And Woodstock High school depending on which section you live in.

Thank you very much for watching. We end our tour where we began, at the entrance. If you would like to learn more or interested in selling or buying in Bridgemill, Townsend Realty Group has been serving this community since 2002. This is where we live, play, and have raised our families. We would be honored to help you find or sell your Bridgemill home.

Thanks again, we hope enjoyed learning more about Bridgemill Golf and Tennis Community in Cherokee County, Georgia

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