Big Door Vineyards in Cherokee County

Hey, everyone. Tom Townsend with Townsend Realty Group-Keller Williams. Hey, we are at Big Door Vineyards in Cherokee County.

This is for all those folks that are in Cherokee County or trying to learn a little bit more about what’s going on here in Cherokee County, Georgia. This happens to be one of our new favorite places to go– Big Door Vineyards right on the Cherokee and Bartow County line.

Just a great place to come and relax. You can see the venue behind me and the beautiful vineyards back there. I’m going to swing around this way. They got a cool little clubhouse up there. We’ll take some pictures of that maybe in a little bit, but, once again, just a neat local winery here in Cherokee County for all those folks that are lookin’ for somethin’ to do.

As I said, we come up here quite a bit. The owners are wonderful people, very entertaining, and the hospitality is just wonderful. They do have live music, usually on Friday and Saturday nights they’ll do some live music, and it’s just a great time. Beautiful setting on the back porch.

You can kind of see over here they have a water feature, little deck out there. You can come out here with your bottle of wine and hang out, and it’s just kind of really neat.

I’m just walkin’ around. This is so pretty out here, kind of take in the scenery a little bit. Isn’t that cool? Yeah, this is just super relaxing. Kind of neat, you can find your favorite place to kind of hang out if you want to. Obviously, the winery here bottle their own wine here on the vineyards, and then they obviously import different wines or different grapes themselves and then bottle ’em here, as well, so just kind of neat place. We have grown to kind of love this place.

It’s awesome on a Friday night or even a Saturday with live music and such. It’s really pretty out here, very friendly, owners are great, very friendly. They’re always walkin’ round and talkin’ to ya. Just feel very comfortable here. A great place to come.

So anyway, it’s just a little highlight of some things that we have here in Cherokee County. If you do not live here and you want a little bit more information on Cherokee County, we definitely have that information for ya. Just visit our website or subscribe to our YouTube channel, and you can get all the information about Cherokee County in Georgia. Hope everybody’s havin’ a great day. Thanks!

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