Hosting an Open House in Cherokee County

Behind the Scenes: OPEN HOUSE in Canton, GA

Hey everyone it’s Tom Townsend. I wanted to give you an idea of what we do on a daily basis especially on Open House Sundays and bring you a “Behind the Scenes of hosting an Open House in Cherokee County” experience. We have our first open house since the pandemic broke out and we’re going to get started in just a few moments.. We’re a little out of practice which has been interesting to say the least. We had our balloons all set up and ready to go. it’s a really hot day here today in Canton Georgia, and we prepared our balloon, started putting them out and oops…they all popped… because of the heat. I think we overfilled the balloons and now working through that issue. We don’t have as many balloons as we typically do.

Then we got into the house… and the house looks great by the way… they’ve done tons of work and the sellers had every single light on in the house that you possibly have on. Every light, fan, and of course the air conditioning is on full blast. Well… because it’s about 90 degrees today in Canton Georgia, all of a sudden BAM… all the power goes out. So, we’ve been scrambling here turning everything off troubleshoot the issue in hopes to get everything taken care of. We finally got the power back on. We went through the house and turned off some lights and left others on. We had to select the right lights that were going to shows it well. Well…now I’m a sweaty mess and it’s 2 o’clock and the open house begins.

Just to let you know this is not all just cookies and cream… We’re working hard preparing, hosting, and following up with guests.

To give you an idea of what we scramble through. When you walk into a house you’re not really familiar with and you’re not quite sure of all the little quirks about a house and all of a sudden the power goes out it kind of throws you for a loop. Before we even got started we had two diversions that we had to work through. At the end of the day, we are ready to start our open house, and we’re super excited about it. The house is Gorgeous.

All right… I wanted to give you another update. All of a sudden we’re in the house with open houses starting it’s 2 o’clock and now we have an alarm problem… right? It’s chirping, it’s beeping and we had to reach out to the homeowners to get the code to turn it off before we have a house full of people. I think we’re gonna be successful. I’ll let you know if we’re not… but I have total confidence that Beth is going to figure it out… oh… I think she figured it out… how about that! So that’s the scrambling sometimes involved with holding an open house.

If you think it’s all cookies and cream it’s not. There’s actually a lot of work goes into preparing for an open house. A lot of times you get thrown a curveball. And yet, we’re here, we’re ready, we’re anxious, the house is gorgeous, and we’re ready to go.

All right, we just finished up the open house at 901 Beaumont Court in Canton Georgia. Everything went great, and we actually had a really good turnout. We weren’t quite sure what how many families would show due to just coming back from shelter in place orders. I was really encouraged by how many people we had shown up. I think we had seven or eight families show? Which is pretty good for a two-hour open house. Anyways now we’re running around and we’re picking up all the signs that we put out earlier. Some of our balloons actually lasted. They’re not all pop, so that was great. Anyways life of a real estate agent doing open houses.

All right our day is still not done. We have signs that need to be put away. We have all the goodies, waters, the treats, and all the stuff that we had from the open house that needs to be put away. Then we have to take the seven families that showed up and we’ve got to follow up with them. So we have to make sure that we’ve got all their contact information and make sure that we can follow up with them appropriately tomorrow. We’re not done working.

If you want to learn a little bit more about our services and the areas that we service right here in Canton Georgia. We’re doing this open house and we look forward to talking to you soon.

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Behind the Scenes: OPEN HOUSE in Canton, GA
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