7 Reasons Why You Should Sell your Cherokee County home NOW vs LATER

7 Reasons Why You Should Sell NOW vs LATER

Hey everyone, I’m going to give you seven reasons why you should sell your Cherokee County home now vs later. Should you consider putting your house on the market and sell it now or push it off for later.

Reason #1 : Major Inventory Shortage

number one, right now, in we have a major inventory shortage in Cherokee County. That’s right, there is no inventory on the market. So why not be the only competitor out there? You’re going to be the best looking house in the market right now. So yes, we have a major shortage of inventory in Cherokee County.

Reason #2: Materials are VERY Expensive

Number two, we have a tremendous amount of upward pressure on pricing right now. You talk to any builder, anybody that’s in construction, costs of materials are skyrocketing, which is putting upward pressure on new construction which always drags or pulls the resale market upward. So we have a tremendous amount of upward pressure on the market. Plus there’s always the law of supply and demand, right? And I already said, there’s no inventory. And we still have a lot of demand for no inventory, which is also driving prices up.

Reason #3: No Competition

Number three, there’s no competition on the market. Sellers aren’t listing their houses, we have a shortage. So, you know, once again, if you want to have pretty much an exclusive market with buyers, this is a great time to do that.

Reason #4: Buyers Are Serious About Buying

Number four, the buyers that are in the market right now, they’re serious. Number one, it’s the holidays, so people are busy. And typically during the holiday season, we see buyers that are not just out kicking tires and the looky-loos, we call them looky loos, they’re gone. Number two, we have COVID going on. So there’s still a lot of people that aren’t going to go out there just for the heck of it on the weekends and kick tires. So the buyers that are on in the market right now, they’re serious. So you can be, you know, you can have comfort in knowing that anybody that’s going to go look at the house is going to be serious about it.

Reason #5: Number of Buyers Are Increasing

Number five, we are seeing an uptick in buyers. So I know inventory is low, but the number of buyers in the market is actually increasing. So we have a lot of population growth in our particular market area which is driving demand for homes. And we have what we like to call replacement buyers. Those are the millennials, the generation-Z folks. Those are the young and upcoming folks in their late 20s and their 30s. They are buying, they need homes. So the buyer pool is building in our market as well.

Reason #6: Very Low Inventory Rates

Number six, low inventory rates. They are historically low and we anticipate those staying there for a while. However, their buying power has just increased. All buyer’s power, if you’re a buyer, you’re power has increased as well because of the low-interest rates.

Reason #7: Your Window is Open NOW!

And number seven, the window is open now, so you can have your cake and eat it too. And I don’t know how long that window is going to actually stay open. No one can project what’s going to happen in 2021 or even into 2022. But the window of opportunity is open right now and I can tell you what the market’s doing right now. So if you’re looking for top dollar and trying to get the most out of your home, right now is the best time to get your house on the market.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Sell NOW vs LATER
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