5 Ways Selling Your House With A Atlanta Agent Will Save You Time

Selling Your House

Selling your house with an agent will probably save you money. But there’s something far more valuable than your money because it is more severely limited – and you may have less of it than you’ve been counting on. And that, of course, is your time. So you, and all of us had better save some of it when possible. With that in mind, take a look at these 5 ways of selling your house with a Atlanta agent will save you time.

1. Pricing Research

One of the most important aspects of successfully selling your home is pricing it right. And getting the price right – neither too high nor too – takes a lot of knowledge, effort, and time. Your agent has the expertise and the time to get it right so you won’t have to. It takes a lot of time to run a thorough comparative analysis and to visually inspect comparable homes in the neighborhood – time you don’t have, but your agent does because it’s her job.

2. Industry Connections

Your Atlanta agent will also have many well-established industry connections. Selling your house will involve a lot of people, both various professionals, and many vendors. If you were selling your house yourself, you’d have to find all these people, vet them, and then select the best ones for your needs. Your agent can save you all that time and effort by using her connections with the best people.

3. Marketing Acumen

And there’s marketing. If buyers don’t know about your house for sale, there’s no way they can make an offer. And these days successful selling takes a lot of both traditional and online marketing savvy – all of which can eat up a ton of time.

Sure, you still need listings in all the standard venues, classified ads, and even Craigslist. But today it takes a lot more – for example, listings in all the big online sites with top-notch photos and probably virtual tours. Remember: most shoppers begin their home search online now.  To discover more about the latest in effective real estate marketing strategies, call 770-280-4560.

4. Dealing with Tire Kickers

One of the most irksome things about selling your home is having to deal with mere tire kickers. They seem to be serious buyers in the beginning, but wind up just wasting your time. Your Atlanta agent, however, can screen home viewers to make sure you don’t waste your time on the tire kickers.

5. Handling Showings

Another inescapable aspect of selling your home is all the lengthy showings. They can consume hours and hours of your valuable time – even when they don’t result in a sale. You have to work and have family obligations, and so you can’t always just drop everything to accommodate potential buyers who want to view your home. Your agent can, though, because that’s her job. And, really, showings often go better when the seller isn’t present so that buyers don’t feel pressured in any way. It’s a real time saver to be able to really on your agent to take of this.

Selling Your House With a Atlanta Agent Really Will Save You Time

Selling your house is, in fact, a full-time job if, that is, it’s done right. But you already have a job . . . and a family . . . and a life. A good [market _city] agent can be a valuable, time-saving asset to help you take care of the myriad home-selling tasks.

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