5 Ways Hiring An Agent Tops An FSBO in Atlanta

Hiring An Agent

Should you do an FSBO deal or hire an agent? There are, of course, pros and cons on both sides of the question. The first thing that many people think of when considering an FSBO is that they won’t have to pay the agent’s commission. But that commission is a very small amount when you consider everything an agent does for you and the many significant benefits. Here then, are 5 ways hiring an agent tops an FSBO in Atlanta.

1. Pricing Expertise

You’ve probably heard it thousands of times: the three most important things in real estate are LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. But the home you’re selling is where it is, and you can’t do anything about that. The other important consideration that you can do something about is the price.

Your agent has the expertise to price your house at the best price for a fast and profitable sale. He can run a comparative analysis to find out the real market value and the price at the optimum point on the possible range of prices. It’s something most people can’t do well themselves. Just keep in mind, the agent is not coming up with a price off the top of their heads. The market sets the value of your house and we look around and see what houses in Atlanta sold for and go from there.

2. Online Marketing Savvy

Hiring an agent in Atlanta also allows you to benefit from the agent’s marketing savvy – which is essential for coming out ahead of the competition. Most FSBO sellers just stick a for-sale sign in the yard post it on their personal social media and then . . . wait. But this outdated tactic doesn’t work very well anymore – only 10% of all buyers indicate they found their homes by seeing yard signs.

Today, knowing all about effective online marketing is a must, and good agents usually have that knowledge. The undeniable fact is that 92% of all home buyers use the Internet to help them find and research homes. Your agent will use all the top listing sites like Zillow to help your house get in front of your target market. To find out more about how savvy marketing can put you ahead of the competition, call 770-280-4560.

3. Effective Marketing Tools

Besides allowing you to benefit from marketing expertise, hiring an agent also means that you’ll benefit from the many marketing tools your agent has. And where do most people hang out online? Yep, Facebook and other social media. That’s why 91% of all realtors use social media in their marketing strategy. They have the accounts, and they know how to use them. Agents also have access to the MLS, which is usually cost-prohibitive for FSBO sellers.

4. Help With Paperwork

And you know that selling a house involves a mountain of confusing paperwork. Hiring an agent, though, relieves you of having to deal with that headache-inducing burden. Part of that paperwork is the seller’s disclosures, and if that isn’t accurate, you may be liable to legal action. It just makes sense to let the qualified experts handle this.

5. Time and Money Savings

Hiring an agent in Atlanta can also save you a significant amount of both money and time. An agent can help you save money by:

  • Getting your emotions out of the way
  • Drawing on a large professional network
  • Using negotiating skill
  • Seeing the flaws in and problems with your house
  • Helping you avoid lawsuits

And an agent can help you save time by:

  • Doing the pricing research
  • Calling on industry connections
  • Doing the marketing
  • Taking care of showings

Without an agent, you’d have to do all these things yourself, which would require an investment in both money and time.

Hiring an Agent Really Does Top a FSBO in Atlanta

Make no mistake: when you list your house to sell it, you’re entering a competitive market, and you need every advantage you can get. Hiring an agent in Atlanta gives you what you need and is usually better than an FSBO.

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